Unequal Terms

Unequal Terms.

Inequality is something I have been pondering for a long time. I have watched the documentaries “Inside Job” and “Inequality for all” recently. These two made me think about how and why the 2% control such massive, unbelievable wealth.

Inequality for all talks about the huge disparity in incomes in the US today. In fact, the income from one of the top earners in the US can buy homes for every homeless person in America.

Inside Job, on the other hand, talks about the financial crisis and how we got into this mess through greed and deregulation. The documentary made my jaw drop sometimes with the completely unethical things that investment banks were doing.

Both films are very watchable.


Internet slow lanes: is this the future of indie blogs?

Imagine all your favorite websites taking forever to load, while you get annoying notifications from your ISP suggesting you switch to one of their approved “Fast Lane” sites.


Currently we have an open internet network where we can all play with the big guys. But this could change! Read about it here.

Net Neutrality Explained With Memes

FAQ on Net Neutrality and FCC NPRM on Proposed Open Internet Rules

You Can’t Spell Betrayal Without FCC

Cloak of Seasons

So it’s now summer and Jagex has some weird idea that what we really want this time is a cloak. Um, why?

It’s not really very good-looking but my real complaint is that it takes 600 items to create 1/4th of the cloak. So I would need 2,400 leaves, blossoms, etc. I have been making bonfires for over an hour and I have not gotten even 10 charred leaves. This means that I would need to hardcore game and not sleep for weeks just to get a cloak.

I could always buy it, of course but that is true of practically everything in Runescape. You can basically buy most stuff but where’s the fun and sense of achievement in that?

The only real way to get it through using the actual items is probably to buy more Treasure Hunter keys but since you need tons of items that means you would need tons of keys.

I thought microtransactions were meant to rid me of some pocket change (hence the “micro” part, but Jagex seems to be going for the people with deep, deep pockets. I would buy the cloak if it cost like $5-10 or maybe even more but I am not going to spend $500 on a virtual item that isn’t even going to make my character uber.

Sorry, Jagex, I’ll be keeping my spare change in a jar and under the sofa for now.

Still chugging along, bored of Sept

So I noticed I haven’t really updated this blog for a while. I am still playing but I don’t really find there is anything new or exciting to write about. The new skill, Divination, is pretty easy so I like it. No money needed to train it either, which is a good thing. However, I am not sure how this counts as “divination” (prophecy) or finding out about the future. What’s up with the name?

2007scape It’s Not Old School


2007scape aka Old School Runescape

So yeah, you probably already know about the so-called “old school” Runescape servers. To put it simply, Jagex has released an old 2007-era version of Runescape. I (and many other people, especially those in the Runescape Reddit) are calling it 2007scape.

Why? Because 2007scape is the more accurate term/ Old school should only refer to RS Classic.

Anyway, I have been enjoying myself as a level 3 on 2007scape, just killing cows, fishing shrimp and making fires. It’s cool but a bit boring. Also, I am so poor that I don’t have enough gold coins to buy fish bait. Ouch!

It really is a little bit weird to play in the 2007 servers, it’s like being in a time-travel machine but not as cool.