Mining Silver – I Like the Sparkly Rocks in Runescape

runescape miningAnother day, another skill to train. I have been mining in Runescape. Since I have 20 mining and need to level up crafting so I can use a dragon longsword, I have been hitting those sparkly silver rocks for over an hour now.

This picture was taken at the Varrock south-west mining spot where there are 3 silver rocks and many iron and tin. Apparently, in members this place is pretty empty. There was one guy who there mining just like me but he was gathering iron.

Silver spawns quite slowly so there is a waiting time. I just use that waiting time to mine iron then I drop the ores to make space for silver. This is not a particularly fast way to level mining so I can’t really recommend it. I’m only doing this because I got bored of picking up flax and spinning them for the crafting exp.

I am thinking of just buying the silver ores, smelting them into bars then making tiaras. It will be more expensive but the exp will be much faster.

Things I did today:

  • decided on doing the Lost City quest so I can equip a dragon longsword
  • picked flax in Burthorpe
  • spun flax into bowstrings
  • planted and harvested potatoes
  • made compost (very environmentally friendly!)
  • mined rune ess until level 20 mining
  • mined silver
  • I am not sure what to do with the tiaras that I will be making. Maybe sell them at the GE?


Cows in Runescape – Tasty Meats and Useful Hides

Anyone who has ever been a new player in Ruenscape is familiar with cows. They are the top mobs to train on because of three very useful drops: bones, raw meat and cow hides.

Runescape Cows - They Own and You Know It

The bones, of course, only give a little bit of prayer exp but when you are low level, a little bit is all you need to level. The raw beef is good for training cooking and also it heals some hitpoints so you can train at the cow area practically forever just using the drops to heal. Lastly, the hides can be gathered and banked to use or sell later. These cow hides are a very easy way to make money for new players, especially in free to play.

The only problem with this is that the f2p worlds tend to be really full of people who are trying to kill cows. The good news is that in members there are more cows and fewer players so that is one good reason to get members. In fact, when you first log into the tutorial area in p2p one of the first things you will do is kill cows, get cowhides and craft them into leather gloves. The bank is also nearby for those who want to sell the drops to other players in the Grand Exchange.

As for me, I have been killing cows for days now because I need to level up crafting so that I can do the quest to get the dragon long sword. The dragon scimitar is better for training in p2p but that quest is probably too hard for me to do for now. My current goal is to train until level 60 attack, do the quest, get the dragon long and then work towards getting s scim.

Double Exp Weekend – Members Only in 2012

So the Runescape double exp weekend is now live. I got members just in time to get it. Actually the name is a bit misleading as you don’t really get double exp all weekend, which is what I thought I would get. Oh well, exp is somewhat increased though not really by that much.

Right now I am getting only 1.4x exp which is more than normal but still not double. Hmmm. I feel a little bit disappointed!

Also, I am confused as to someone signing the news as “Mod Fetzki, Head of RuneScape.” Who is this person? Head of RS? Does that mean there is a leg of RS? How about the hand of RS? Or the foot of Runescape?

Death Training in Runescape: The Best Newbie Combat Leveling Guide

What is death training in runescape? Well, it is not training or leveling your death stat, there is no such thing (sadly). Death training is a newbie way of training combat where you simply don’t bother with eating or healing yourself. Instead of trying to stay alive as long as possible to train as long as you can in a particular place, death training is allowing yourself to die over and over again.


  • to avoid food costs
  •  to save time running back and forth from the bank to the training grounds
  •  because death has no penalty

The last reason is particularly funny to me. Generally speaking, in other games like Runescape when you die there is a penalty. For example, sometimes you lose a percentage of your exp or your armor will degrade. In Rs, nothing happens. True, some items will be dropped but if you know in advance that you will be dying then its no problem to make sure you won’t drop anything of value.

Runescape Death Training Guide

  1. Wear your best armor and equip your best weapon.
  2.  Check to see what you will drop if you die, make sure you don’t bring anything you don’t want to lose.
  3. Attack the guards in falador until you die.
  4. When you respawn, continue attacking until you die.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get bored of it all.

It’s a fast way of leveling if you are newbie. The only real problem you will face is when people try to “help” you when they see you are dying.

Fishing in Runescape

The skill I like to do most in RS is fishing. Here is a picture of me using a harpoon at Musa Point in Karamja Island to fish for tunas and swordfish.

I think my char’s knees must be really tired from all the kneeling and standing she does all day long.

It is very relaxing and not too much clicking is involved. Plus, there is a person south of the volcano who turns raw fish into notes so I don’t have to bank. This is the primary way that I make money for my char. It’s not fast because I am only level 52 fishing but it’s pretty easy to do. I sometimes read a book while I do it. Tunas give 80 exp while swordfish give 100.

A lot of the fishers here like to wear fancy clothes or armor when they fish but I have level 1 agility so I need to keep the weight down. So no cool armor for me. 😦

Today I earned the “Climb Rope” emote. They have changed it. Before, we used to joke about it because the movements of the hands going up and down in front of your char looked like you were pleasuring yourself (if you were male). Also, the Sandwich Lady magically whisked me away to her shop. Why? She said it was because I looked hungry. I ate one of her mysterious “triangle” sandwich. I am still not sure what was in it but it tasted good.

Runescape Lite

Okay so I just started a blog. My name is Misa and I like writing and Runescape. Right now I am killing Dark Wizards below Varrock. They are level 7 and I am level 19 so it seems unfair but actually I have weak weapons and they have powerful magic so it really evens out in the end.

This is more of a personal blog. I don’t intend to write guides of anything. If you need information, visit Tip It. Also, apparently one of the wizards is level 20 and he just killed me very easily. Life is pain.

When I die I respawn in town so I just ran back and gather up my items (sardines and nature runes) that I dropped at the site of my death. I would like to go and abuy some stylish black armor. It looks good and it gives me more defense which is always welcome when you are as low level as I am.Image

This is a picture of me. As you can see I have no armor and I am using an iron mace. I tried to speak to the other people who are also killing Dark Wizards but none of them would opne their mouths. I suspect they might not be human. Bots have once again invaded Gielinor (the world).

I will post more later. 🙂