Fishing in Runescape

The skill I like to do most in RS is fishing. Here is a picture of me using a harpoon at Musa Point in Karamja Island to fish for tunas and swordfish.

I think my char’s knees must be really tired from all the kneeling and standing she does all day long.

It is very relaxing and not too much clicking is involved. Plus, there is a person south of the volcano who turns raw fish into notes so I don’t have to bank. This is the primary way that I make money for my char. It’s not fast because I am only level 52 fishing but it’s pretty easy to do. I sometimes read a book while I do it. Tunas give 80 exp while swordfish give 100.

A lot of the fishers here like to wear fancy clothes or armor when they fish but I have level 1 agility so I need to keep the weight down. So no cool armor for me. 😦

Today I earned the “Climb Rope” emote. They have changed it. Before, we used to joke about it because the movements of the hands going up and down in front of your char looked like you were pleasuring yourself (if you were male). Also, the Sandwich Lady magically whisked me away to her shop. Why? She said it was because I looked hungry. I ate one of her mysterious “triangle” sandwich. I am still not sure what was in it but it tasted good.


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