Runescape Lite

Okay so I just started a blog. My name is Misa and I like writing and Runescape. Right now I am killing Dark Wizards below Varrock. They are level 7 and I am level 19 so it seems unfair but actually I have weak weapons and they have powerful magic so it really evens out in the end.

This is more of a personal blog. I don’t intend to write guides of anything. If you need information, visit Tip It. Also, apparently one of the wizards is level 20 and he just killed me very easily. Life is pain.

When I die I respawn in town so I just ran back and gather up my items (sardines and nature runes) that I dropped at the site of my death. I would like to go and abuy some stylish black armor. It looks good and it gives me more defense which is always welcome when you are as low level as I am.Image

This is a picture of me. As you can see I have no armor and I am using an iron mace. I tried to speak to the other people who are also killing Dark Wizards but none of them would opne their mouths. I suspect they might not be human. Bots have once again invaded Gielinor (the world).

I will post more later. 🙂


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