Death Training in Runescape: The Best Newbie Combat Leveling Guide

What is death training in runescape? Well, it is not training or leveling your death stat, there is no such thing (sadly). Death training is a newbie way of training combat where you simply don’t bother with eating or healing yourself. Instead of trying to stay alive as long as possible to train as long as you can in a particular place, death training is allowing yourself to die over and over again.


  • to avoid food costs
  •  to save time running back and forth from the bank to the training grounds
  •  because death has no penalty

The last reason is particularly funny to me. Generally speaking, in other games like Runescape when you die there is a penalty. For example, sometimes you lose a percentage of your exp or your armor will degrade. In Rs, nothing happens. True, some items will be dropped but if you know in advance that you will be dying then its no problem to make sure you won’t drop anything of value.

Runescape Death Training Guide

  1. Wear your best armor and equip your best weapon.
  2.  Check to see what you will drop if you die, make sure you don’t bring anything you don’t want to lose.
  3. Attack the guards in falador until you die.
  4. When you respawn, continue attacking until you die.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get bored of it all.

It’s a fast way of leveling if you are newbie. The only real problem you will face is when people try to “help” you when they see you are dying.


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