Mining Silver – I Like the Sparkly Rocks in Runescape

runescape miningAnother day, another skill to train. I have been mining in Runescape. Since I have 20 mining and need to level up crafting so I can use a dragon longsword, I have been hitting those sparkly silver rocks for over an hour now.

This picture was taken at the Varrock south-west mining spot where there are 3 silver rocks and many iron and tin. Apparently, in members this place is pretty empty. There was one guy who there mining just like me but he was gathering iron.

Silver spawns quite slowly so there is a waiting time. I just use that waiting time to mine iron then I drop the ores to make space for silver. This is not a particularly fast way to level mining so I can’t really recommend it. I’m only doing this because I got bored of picking up flax and spinning them for the crafting exp.

I am thinking of just buying the silver ores, smelting them into bars then making tiaras. It will be more expensive but the exp will be much faster.

Things I did today:

  • decided on doing the Lost City quest so I can equip a dragon longsword
  • picked flax in Burthorpe
  • spun flax into bowstrings
  • planted and harvested potatoes
  • made compost (very environmentally friendly!)
  • mined rune ess until level 20 mining
  • mined silver
  • I am not sure what to do with the tiaras that I will be making. Maybe sell them at the GE?


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