Rune Armor is Not for Newbies

So I finally got level 40 defense. I bought rune armor and it looks horrible! It’s like wearing a day-glo suit. Black armor is a million times better-looking than rune. I do have to admit that the armor defense stats of rune are much better. Check out this picture of me at the Ice Cave (the one with the bluerite ores/rocks), killing Ice Warriors and Ice Giants.

Rune Armor Looks so Lame

The red cape doesn’t quite match, don’t you agree?

In the past month I have been a busy girl in Runescape. I got the required crafting and woodcutting level to do the Lost City quest. Killing the tree spirit was pretty easy but now my problem is that I don’t have 60 attack yet so I can’t equip the dragon longsword. I am stuck using my rune scimitar.

I really want to use dragon now but I will have to be patient, I guess. A friend asked me what I playing when she saw me on RS and I told “I am playing the best free 2012 MMORPG.” She was like “but that isn’t World of warcraft.” Lol.

In other news, I have been watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies while playing Runescape. Warning: training on pirates while watching Captain Jack Sparrow is just too, too fun! It’s crazy how much I love Johnny Depp lol. One time I was watching a movie while afk training and I died but thank goodness the ring of life saved me! I should really pay more attention to my character when I am playing but sometimes it is just so boring. Is it my fault that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are so good?

I like how Runescape has a lot of pirate-themed content. They even have female pirates, which is not something I see a lot of in other games.

There’s also pirate ships, eyepatches and even a pirate costume, IIRC. It’s pretty nice for pirate fans like me. 🙂