Good Grief! Evolution of Combat? Triangles FTL

Ah so one of the biggest updates in Runescape history is the so-called “Evolution of Combat.” This is gonna be a whooper of a beta test. Not sure how I feel about it yet because, obviously, since it hasn’t been out I haven’t been playing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t suck too much.

I hate the part about “Give rangers and mages a fighting chance.” God, it almost seems like every single update is always making mages stronger. Don’t they realize mages own PvP?

The RS blog even outright says “melee dominant in training and PvP situations”! Who are they kidding? Have they even tried actual PvP? All you have to do is to go to Soul Wars or Castle Wars and all you will see is high-level mages dominating PvP everywhere.

Also, the whole concept of a traingle that works like rock-paper-scissors is silly, IMO. Why should mages be stronger than melee warriors in the first place? Why should warriors be more powerful than rangers? Just make all the types of fighting equal, that would be best!


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