350,000 XP Exp on the Promissory Note

I logged in today and got some incredible reward just for being a member. I didn’t even know this was going to happen but apparently if you are a member for the entire month of August you get a “promissory note” in your inventory. I clicked on mine and got a whopping 350,000 experience points. Wow! Leveled up my summoning, prayer, dungeoneering and other skills that I mostly don’t even do.

So today I am happy. 🙂 Over 100 levels in one day is soooo super sweet.

But, on the other hand, I am a bit taken aback that we get free exp now. I mean, I didn’t do anything so this is a reward just for paying the membership fee in Runescape. That seems perilously close to pay to win to me.

Also, if I stay members for the entire month of September, too, I will get another promissory note. Should I even bother playing if I am going to get exp no matter what?

Hmmph! Well anyway I have been training combat as usual but this “evolution of combat” update has me a little worried. Am I even training the right skills? Will combat evolution ruin my playing style? Will I need to spam click on everything to train up? Most importantly, what will the exp speed be? Faster or slower?

Mood: Happy at the free exp but worried about the future of RS.

I think Runescape is mostly grinding. Removing the afk-type exp is going to be fatal for games like Runescape. It’s just not gonna work. No one is going to just sit there clicking away all day… oh wait, that is what most people do! Hahaha. So maybe RS isn’t doomed after all.

The truth is, I am glad I got exp. I’m looking forward to getting another promissory note for September. But it kinda devalues the small amount of exp I get every week if Jagex just hands around 350,000 exp to everyone every month.


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