700k Free Exp from Jagex – Promissory Note Rocks

So it’s now October and I got my 700k exp promissory note from Jagex for being a member for the whole month of September after also being a member for the whole of August. Basically, I got 1 million exp just for buying membership. Sweet stuff!

It’s free because most of the time they don’t give exp to members just like that. This is an exception and I am liking it lots. The problem is now I simply can’t decide what to do with all that exp.

My first thought was to put the entire thing on summoning. Summ is theslowest and hardest to train due to the necessity of having to get a lot of medium to high level charms. However, I am only 60 hp, all my useful combat stats are either 65 or lower so putting 1 mil exp on summoning would make it my highest combat stat, thus massively inflating my combat level. I am worried that this will make slayer harder to train. With a higher combat level than normal compared to my actual melee stats, will I be given tasks that are too hard for me to finish? *sigh*

Another idea is to use most of it on summ (until I reach level 60s) and then spread it out evenly on al my lower level skills. I have a lot of skills that are level 10-30 only. But this will mean having a lot of lower level skills that are not really that useful vs putting it on one skill so I can have one useful and maybe profitable skill.

I could also opt to split the exp in two and choose summ + something. Maybe herblore? Construction?

Right now my highest level skill is actually fishing. I do enjoy fishing because it is very slow and relaxing. Maybe use the 1 mil exp on that? Decisions are hard!

Once again, I find myself happy yet uneasy at getting free exp like this. 1 mil is a lot of exp and levels to give away. I think RS is slowly mocing towards “pay to win” if it isn’t already there yet. I have always liked that RS is freemium (free basic stuff but with premium features if you want to pay) which is a fair and cheap way to run a browser MMORPG. Using both embership and a cash shop (via the Squel of Fortune) is double-dipping in my book. So while I am personally happy, I’m worried that in the future Jagex will just keep on giving people more and more exp for money.


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