Evolution of Combat is Scary to the Max!

Like many Runescape players, I dread the approach of the Evolution of Combat update. Everything we know and love about combat is going to be completely changed.

Why, Jagex why? What did we do to deserved this?

Whose idea was this anyway? Combat is one of the most popular content in RS and I have never heard anyone complain that it needs a total makeover. Okay, sure maybe a few things could be changed here and there but who ever asked for an overhaul? No one, that’s who!

Survey players who are not playing RS and if you ask them why they want to give it a try I can gurantee they will give just one answer : the crappy graphics! None of them will ever say “I hate the combat system” because that is not what is wrong with RS.

Also, the new Jagex team are complete newbs. They actually claimed that ”

“As this is such a significant evolution of the game, we’ll be running our first ever BETA test, starting in the week commencing with the 25th of June.”

Which implies that there has not been a beta test. FYI, RS has had at least two beta testing phases that I know of. Dang it, what are they smoking?

Read the forums post and you will see that everyone is pretty unhappy about it, too.


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