2007scape It’s Not Old School


2007scape aka Old School Runescape

So yeah, you probably already know about the so-called “old school” Runescape servers. To put it simply, Jagex has released an old 2007-era version of Runescape. I (and many other people, especially those in the Runescape Reddit) are calling it 2007scape.

Why? Because 2007scape is the more accurate term/ Old school should only refer to RS Classic.

Anyway, I have been enjoying myself as a level 3 on 2007scape, just killing cows, fishing shrimp and making fires. It’s cool but a bit boring. Also, I am so poor that I don’t have enough gold coins to buy fish bait. Ouch!

It really is a little bit weird to play in the 2007 servers, it’s like being in a time-travel machine but not as cool.