EOC News – Why Is Jagex being Lazy and Not Writing Real News?

Look, I know Youtube videos are all the rage now but a lot people (me!) don’t really want to watch 3-9 minutes of something ridiculous just to find out something simple like “now you can drop fish using the number pad.” Wow, Jagex please stop wasting my time so much.


Evolution of Combat is Scary to the Max!

Like many Runescape players, I dread the approach of the Evolution of Combat update. Everything we know and love about combat is going to be completely changed.

Why, Jagex why? What did we do to deserved this?

Whose idea was this anyway? Combat is one of the most popular content in RS and I have never heard anyone complain that it needs a total makeover. Okay, sure maybe a few things could be changed here and there but who ever asked for an overhaul? No one, that’s who!

Survey players who are not playing RS and if you ask them why they want to give it a try I can gurantee they will give just one answer : the crappy graphics! None of them will ever say “I hate the combat system” because that is not what is wrong with RS.

Also, the new Jagex team are complete newbs. They actually claimed that ”

“As this is such a significant evolution of the game, we’ll be running our first ever BETA test, starting in the week commencing with the 25th of June.”

Which implies that there has not been a beta test. FYI, RS has had at least two beta testing phases that I know of. Dang it, what are they smoking?

Read the forums post and you will see that everyone is pretty unhappy about it, too.

700k Free Exp from Jagex – Promissory Note Rocks

So it’s now October and I got my 700k exp promissory note from Jagex for being a member for the whole month of September after also being a member for the whole of August. Basically, I got 1 million exp just for buying membership. Sweet stuff!

It’s free because most of the time they don’t give exp to members just like that. This is an exception and I am liking it lots. The problem is now I simply can’t decide what to do with all that exp.

My first thought was to put the entire thing on summoning. Summ is theslowest and hardest to train due to the necessity of having to get a lot of medium to high level charms. However, I am only 60 hp, all my useful combat stats are either 65 or lower so putting 1 mil exp on summoning would make it my highest combat stat, thus massively inflating my combat level. I am worried that this will make slayer harder to train. With a higher combat level than normal compared to my actual melee stats, will I be given tasks that are too hard for me to finish? *sigh*

Another idea is to use most of it on summ (until I reach level 60s) and then spread it out evenly on al my lower level skills. I have a lot of skills that are level 10-30 only. But this will mean having a lot of lower level skills that are not really that useful vs putting it on one skill so I can have one useful and maybe profitable skill.

I could also opt to split the exp in two and choose summ + something. Maybe herblore? Construction?

Right now my highest level skill is actually fishing. I do enjoy fishing because it is very slow and relaxing. Maybe use the 1 mil exp on that? Decisions are hard!

Once again, I find myself happy yet uneasy at getting free exp like this. 1 mil is a lot of exp and levels to give away. I think RS is slowly mocing towards “pay to win” if it isn’t already there yet. I have always liked that RS is freemium (free basic stuff but with premium features if you want to pay) which is a fair and cheap way to run a browser MMORPG. Using both embership and a cash shop (via the Squel of Fortune) is double-dipping in my book. So while I am personally happy, I’m worried that in the future Jagex will just keep on giving people more and more exp for money.

350,000 XP Exp on the Promissory Note

I logged in today and got some incredible reward just for being a member. I didn’t even know this was going to happen but apparently if you are a member for the entire month of August you get a “promissory note” in your inventory. I clicked on mine and got a whopping 350,000 experience points. Wow! Leveled up my summoning, prayer, dungeoneering and other skills that I mostly don’t even do.

So today I am happy. 🙂 Over 100 levels in one day is soooo super sweet.

But, on the other hand, I am a bit taken aback that we get free exp now. I mean, I didn’t do anything so this is a reward just for paying the membership fee in Runescape. That seems perilously close to pay to win to me.

Also, if I stay members for the entire month of September, too, I will get another promissory note. Should I even bother playing if I am going to get exp no matter what?

Hmmph! Well anyway I have been training combat as usual but this “evolution of combat” update has me a little worried. Am I even training the right skills? Will combat evolution ruin my playing style? Will I need to spam click on everything to train up? Most importantly, what will the exp speed be? Faster or slower?

Mood: Happy at the free exp but worried about the future of RS.

I think Runescape is mostly grinding. Removing the afk-type exp is going to be fatal for games like Runescape. It’s just not gonna work. No one is going to just sit there clicking away all day… oh wait, that is what most people do! Hahaha. So maybe RS isn’t doomed after all.

The truth is, I am glad I got exp. I’m looking forward to getting another promissory note for September. But it kinda devalues the small amount of exp I get every week if Jagex just hands around 350,000 exp to everyone every month.

Good Grief! Evolution of Combat? Triangles FTL

Ah so one of the biggest updates in Runescape history is the so-called “Evolution of Combat.” This is gonna be a whooper of a beta test. Not sure how I feel about it yet because, obviously, since it hasn’t been out I haven’t been playing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t suck too much.

I hate the part about “Give rangers and mages a fighting chance.” God, it almost seems like every single update is always making mages stronger. Don’t they realize mages own PvP?

The RS blog even outright says “melee dominant in training and PvP situations”! Who are they kidding? Have they even tried actual PvP? All you have to do is to go to Soul Wars or Castle Wars and all you will see is high-level mages dominating PvP everywhere.

Also, the whole concept of a traingle that works like rock-paper-scissors is silly, IMO. Why should mages be stronger than melee warriors in the first place? Why should warriors be more powerful than rangers? Just make all the types of fighting equal, that would be best!

Rune Armor is Not for Newbies

So I finally got level 40 defense. I bought rune armor and it looks horrible! It’s like wearing a day-glo suit. Black armor is a million times better-looking than rune. I do have to admit that the armor defense stats of rune are much better. Check out this picture of me at the Ice Cave (the one with the bluerite ores/rocks), killing Ice Warriors and Ice Giants.

Rune Armor Looks so Lame

The red cape doesn’t quite match, don’t you agree?

In the past month I have been a busy girl in Runescape. I got the required crafting and woodcutting level to do the Lost City quest. Killing the tree spirit was pretty easy but now my problem is that I don’t have 60 attack yet so I can’t equip the dragon longsword. I am stuck using my rune scimitar.

I really want to use dragon now but I will have to be patient, I guess. A friend asked me what I playing when she saw me on RS and I told “I am playing the best free 2012 MMORPG.” She was like “but that isn’t World of warcraft.” Lol.

In other news, I have been watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies while playing Runescape. Warning: training on pirates while watching Captain Jack Sparrow is just too, too fun! It’s crazy how much I love Johnny Depp lol. One time I was watching a movie while afk training and I died but thank goodness the ring of life saved me! I should really pay more attention to my character when I am playing but sometimes it is just so boring. Is it my fault that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are so good?

I like how Runescape has a lot of pirate-themed content. They even have female pirates, which is not something I see a lot of in other games.

There’s also pirate ships, eyepatches and even a pirate costume, IIRC. It’s pretty nice for pirate fans like me. 🙂